Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Right in my lap.

A few posts ago we talked about Author Platforms. And at that time I listed a few things that were important to me, but had no real platform.

A few nights ago I was reading a magazine that my husbands alma matter sends us every few months or so. Opening the magazine I see an article about a former alumn an amazing young woman named Amanda de Lange who lives in China and runs an orphanage that takes abandoned children, often with birth defects like cleft pallate or spina biffida and finds doctors to treat them and takes these emaciated, almost dead children and turns them into rolly polly happy babies.

I have allways been facinated in the idea of foster care, adoption and would love to adopt an Asian baby. Maybe when my house isn't so full? LOL I am adopted myself as well as my brother and sister.

This article inspired me, especially when the main characters wife in my book runs an orphanage and that is her life's work. It never occured to me that it was a totally good idea as a platform.

So I now have an Author Platform. Foster care and adoption.

To see what inspired me go see The Starfish Foster Home

or her blog

Some people may wonder 'why adopt'? With millions of orphans in the world, how can you hope to make a difference? There's so many. This is the answer. . .

"An old man was walking down the beach just before dawn. In the distance he saw a young man picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the sea. As the old man approached the young man, he asked, "Why do you spend so much energy doing what seems to be a waste of time?"

The young man explained that the stranded starfish would die if left in the morning sun.

"But there must be thousands of beaches and millions of starfish," exclaimed the old man. "How can your efforts make any difference?"

The young man looked down at the small starfish in his hand and as he threw it to safety in the sea, he said,

"It made all the difference to that one."

Amanda takes very little income and has alot of staff to pay for. All she is asking is either 40$ a month to sponsor a child or help support a nanny. If you have the ability please go support this wonderful cause.


Angie said...

That's a terrific cause. How nice that you found it. See you at Storymakers.

A Literary Treat said...

Hey! You have a great blog here!!! I hope you'll come and have a look at mine sometime...? :D xx