Saturday, September 26, 2009

My closet. . .

Okay I am feeling brave enough to tell you the truth.


I know I know, I am famale and therefore it shouldn't be possible. But after some research i have found that if there is the colorblindness gene on both sides of the family it is possible for a female to be color blind. (thanks guys)
I can not tell light blue from lilac or pale green, browns from plum, dark blue from dark green or black, or flourescent yellow from flourescent green. Today as I was getting dressed my daughter was sitting on my bed. I told her I was going to wear my blue sweater and she started to laugh. "Remind me to never ask you if my clothes match," she said as she left my room. She told me as she left that my sweater is lilac.

Thanks daughter. So If you see me and I don't match or I am wearing my safe black and white. There you go.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just make the black and white wardrobe your trademark and you'll be great! Then, when anyone asks you can say "Black and white are the colors of words on paper, they are my art, and I live and dress for my art!" They'll all think you're terribly artsy fartsy and eccentric!

Pendragon said...

yes, and that is the darn truth! She is color-blind.

hey chelle,
what color was your van back in tooele? tehehhe

Noble M Standing said...

The stupid van was GREEN!!!!!!! Not blue like the rest of you thought.
There, I feel better now.

文章 said...
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