Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When God closes a door,

He opens a window. MY DH has accepted a job offer in a town called Huntington UT. it is for a SIGNIFICANT ammout more money.

I feel pretty calm considering everything that must occur in the next few months. I thought I'd write it out for not only those that are invested in my life but for my self too.
So.... When God closes a door, I have to clean my house to sell it.
He opens a window, it needed to be cleaned anyway.
Door, I lose my job.
Window, more time to write and blog.
Door, move from friends
Window, move away from family.
Door, move from my ward.
Window, church is the same everywhere.
Door, loose writers group.
Window, get DSL and web cam.
Door, No spending money.
Window, DH will have more money,
Door, one hour away from conferences...
Window, only three hours from conferences
Door, Dh gone for a couple of months
Window, DH gone for a couple of months
Door, move to Orangeville
Window, I can be a writer from anywhere.
HMMMMMM looks about sixes.



~paulette said...

LOL about the moving away from family thing! You're soooo bad... tehehheheh... but i know exactly why you wrote it!

....and lol about the husband being gone for a few months too...

poor chelle! You looked like you were playing Ping-Pong with yourself!


Karen Hoover said...

You're not losing your writers group, we just won't get to see you in person as often. Thank heavens for the internet!

oh, and lol about the husband thing. Cracked me up.

Michelle said...

Paulette and Karen: yeah after this weekend I was like, so WHEN are you leaving? I know I'm not losing you guys, but I'll desperately miss the real life contact. First my best friend then my other friends...... I AM COMING TO AUTHORS LUNCHES!!!!!! I'll just have to bring Noble. I meant the other one, sheesh the comments in my head!

Karlene said...

That was funny. I sooo know the feeling. I've been to Orangeville. It's a little small for my tastes, but I have a second cousing 14 times removed, or something like that, who has lived there for years and loves it.

Good luck on the move.


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

You're right, it's sooo tough to move, but it sounds like you're dealing with it well. BTW, I liked your blog and the door/window idea. Cute.

Shanna Blythe said...

Michelle!! How could you say you are losing us??!!! Sniff sniff. Did Paulette lose us? NOT EVEN CLOSE. You're in for life, baby! (Picture Shanna holding a big wrench)

Oh hey. I just read your replies to Paulette and Karen. Okay. I can see about the whole person to person. BUT!! Who knows. Our group has grown amazingly (especially for such a little place) and I'm sure you will find a writing friends there too and then they can join our group!! YAY!!

C. L. Beck said...

Good luck with your move. It won't be long before the new place feels like home to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, kiddo! You have no idea how much I understand - oh, wait - you have a very good idea how much I understand!! Thanks for the list though, it saved me from having to write it for me!

Michelle said...

Karlene, thanks it is quite small, but I expect I'll adjust okay.

Ronda, thanks I thought it was cute... if only my books would come to me like my blogs do....

Shanna, I know i'm not losing you but the in person meetings have saved me literally, and I'll miss them so much.

CLBeck, I hope I adjust soon. I hate going to church and sitting by myself even if I'm not supposed to be going for social reasons.

Wendy, glad to do your work for you. thanks again for the pics i love them. PS why do you call me kiddo when we have esptablished thatI am older than you? lol